For athletes


Experience all of the benefits from Protocoxil with complete
discretion since is our formula is odorless and colorless.
Protocoxil is to be used to relieve
inflammation and pain from injuries or overtraining.

Protocoxil is an Effective Fast-acting Topical Pain Relief Gel for Athletes:

Athletes are people who are trained or skilled in certain exercises and sports who demonstrate great physical strength, agility, and stamina. Some of the most common athletic related injuries are:

•      Sprains and strains.

•      Knee injuries.

•      Swollen muscles.

•      Achilles tendon injuries.

•      Pain along the shin bone.

•      Rotator cuff injuries.

•      Fractures.

•      Dislocations.


Protocoxil can help alleviate pain and discomfort temporarily by reducing pain and inflammation in affected muscles and joints.

Protocoxil Designed for Athletes.

Protocoxil can help alleviate discomfort temporarily, it is delivered through an airless pump bottle design that has a portable on the go action. It provides immediate relief to aches and pains through a fast vanishing and scentless application on affected areas.

It is also to be used for supporting functional and pain-free joints in active middle age and senior individuals. Using the topical gel with its powerful and effective active components, Protocoxil provides immediate lasting relief on targeted areas affected by tissue and joint pain.

Please consult your physician prior to use for proper diagnosis and treatment.