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Contact Analgesic Gel Protocoxil: Best anti-inflammatory gel for relief pain in USA. Protocoxil is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory gel for topical, which works fast, effectively and safely to reduce pain for muscle and joint.

Can help alleviate pain in athletes, casual sports players and the senior community. Protocoxil produces symptomatic relief of pain and localized inflammation. In inflammatory and painful processes of the locomotor system, such inflammation of tendons, injuries, muscle fatigue, joints and ligaments, caused by sprains or trauma. Arthrosis, arthritis, back pain, knee pain, elbow and wrists.

Protocoxil is an analgesic anti-inflammatory topical gel designed at BioEkuiliber, which works fast, effectively and in all safety to ameliorate / extinguish specifically the occurrence of inflammation, through a sports injury or simply by the aging process in our joints or muscles. Fast vanishing non-greasy / scentless gel that provides on the go pain / inflammation relief action. Topical immediate pain and discomfort alleviation.

All of the benefits are experienced with the use of Protocoxil’s formula with absolute discretion as it is not fragrance or color. Protocoxil, is used to relief inflammation and pain from: injuries or overtraining in athletes or casual weekend warriors. It is also used for supporting functional and pain free joints in the active middle age and senior community.

Analgesic topical gel is delivered through and airless pump bottle design; portable on the go action, it provides immediate relief of aches and pains, through a fast vanishing, scentless single dose application on skin over affected areas. Therefore, Protocoxil is the number one analgesic and anti-inflammatory gel for topical use for muscle, joint and pain relief. Buy Now our analgesic topical gel and relief pain!

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